Being a sci-fi nerd, I have to admit another personal amusement. I like Googling up stuff on alien conspiracies. I mean, I’m coming at it strictly from a sceptical point of view, and also as personal amusement. Conspiracy theories are my comic relief. I do find aliens fascinating, and I always enjoy a good sci-fi yarn to pore over in the evening. I like it from the artistic angle as well, being an artist by hobby. One of my favorite artists of aliens has to be Wayne Barlowe, and it was through studying his work that helped me understand anatomy, and how to stretch it beyond the normal.

But, back to the conspiracies. I got hooked on von Daniken in middle school, because I was so intrigued by the photographs in there, of ancient pictures, the Nazca lines (which I hope to see in my lifetime), all these crazy theories of ancient aliens. What always puzzled me though was WHO was the first person or persons to come up with the idea that aliens created these sites of interest, such as the Pyramids, the Crystal Skulls (had to throw that one in there too), Atlantis and so on. These ideas didn’t crop up out of nowhere, someone had to have come to that conclusion at one point. How long ago have these notions been around? I can’t seem to find an answer to it.

As for the aliens themselves, is it simply a matter of conflation, people sharing the idea of aliens looking a particular way. Prime example, the alien ‘Grey’ that’s featured on the cover of that book by Whitley Streiber. How did we come to see aliens in this particular fashion? Spindly, enormous head and eyes, grey/whitish/greenish skin. What could’ve influenced people to create this image? Why do some people believe that aliens HAVE visited here? What makes people have these ‘abduction’ episodes? Is it a result of a nervous breakdown or something more? Mental illness? If people say that the UFOs seen are fake, how were they faked? Get a CG whiz, a special effects tech, people well-versed in creating those kinds of things and ask them. How would they insert an image of a UFO into stock footage without it looking fake? Something caught on closed circuit camera; how do you make it look natural?

It would be nice to see serious scientists with credible equipment try to analyze these things. Instead it’s taken up by amateurs who are doing the best they can or outright frauds looking to make a quick buck off gullible fools. I guess my conspiracy theory is why people don’t actively question the unknown? Instead of declaring it automatically fake, dig into it to reach the core. I don’t just look at a rock; I pick it up to see what’s hiding underneath it. That’s where mysteries lie.