Okay, so it was a little tip of the hat to Queen; I couldn’t resist. I want an adult tricycle, and it has been an ongoing quest for roughly 15 or so years. I fell in love with them because an aunt had one and I loved to ride it when I’d visit. Sadly, some punk swiped the thing and it was no more. So I’ve been browsing the papers, online, hitting Craigslist to see if there are any good deals on one in my neck of the woods. Understandably, it’s going to be a little more than a regular bike, but for me, it’s ideal. I freely admit being allergic to exercise, and I’ve had a string of bad luck with regular bikes. The last one I rode the brakes went out on me and I got thrown over the handlebars. I skinned my hands up pretty bad and jarred both wrists. My other problem is that I have a balance problem, which I am certain is tied to my partial blindness. I keep tipping over to one side, no matter how hard I try to stay balanced. I ALMOST snared one last year, but the seller got too itchy and sold it on me. Fifty bucks!! I could’ve had that baby! I was so steamed.

This would be the perfect solution for me in terms of exercising; I’m not really the power walking type, much less running. I nearly killed myself walking 3.5 miles—I told you I was a lazy bum. Anyhow, I really want this thing, because it would get me out of the house, give me the exercise I need, and help me enjoy being outside more. So I keep looking; there’s a few bike shops in the neighborhood I need to check out. The last one I went to that had one wanted $350 for a used one, and I was a bit irked. I can understand for a brand new one, but a used one? I’ll admit it, I’m on a very limited income, and I can’t afford to spend a lot of money. Yet I see getting this trike would be to my benefit. It would help me get more in shape, it would get me out of the house, and it would be good for me mentally.

So, the search continues, for my elusive adult tricycle. I WILL have one, eventually.