ROFLThing: Jason Scott sings the Sockington th...

Image by davefishernc via Flickr

This is going to be a completely frivolous blog, on a topic I love: cats. I blundered across Sockington I think via Twitter about over a year ago and this furball has made my life more interesting, more happier, and more entertaining. I look forward to when he tweets about his latest antics, or what he’s doing , who he’s pestering and such. I love how he calls his owner ‘Fatty’—took me a while to figure out who that was, actually. It has led me to look Socks up on YouTube, and any clips I find I put on my YouTube channel. It is simply amazing how a housecat can become an international sensation through online media. Though we all should’ve figured that out already; cats are eminently mouse-compatible.

I am a total sucker for this cat; Sockington is a very photogenic feline, those big yellow eyes, his crisp grey and white coloring. What I would do to meet him! I admit to being on his Facebook page; how could I not pass up the opportunity to see more of this cute little guy? How could anyone not like him? He so adorable? I mean, this cat has an ARMY. Well, that’s what his fans call themselves. The Socks Army. Maybe someone can make those wristbands that say ‘Socks Army’ on them, maybe color them gray and white? Can you imagine what a cool marketing tool that would be? (Are you reading this, Sockington?)

I was so peeved when he announced his line of t-shirts had sold out; I wanted one SO BADLY!!! I would wear it openly, without shame, because I love cats. I will buy funky t-shirts that have prints of cats on them and be unashamed to wear them. As an artist, I thought the graphic put together was utterly charming. It suited him so well, and because he has such clean markings, it made the design all the more simpler. It featured the magnificent Sockington in a portrait, sporting a cravat and looking quite suave and sophisticated. I think it had accents of mice too. My highest compliments to the designer of that shirt—may you continue to produce more lovely works of art!

Sockington, I hope your human, Jason Scott, gets wind of this and reads it. It would be so incredibly awesome if this blog gains significant attention, because I want this kitty to know how much he brightens my days and makes me laugh. I have no pets anymore, and while I love seeing pictures and video of animals, it’s never quite the same as having one snuggled in your lap, keeping you company. I love you, Sockington.