I have fallen head over heels with this genre, thanks to my wonderful sister. She turned me onto it about a year or two ago and it has become a passion of sorts for me. I’ve gotten into the jewelry side of it with a vengeance, though finding the appropriate items for it has been devilishly hard at times. Being the ever-resourceful scavenger I am, I’ve landed some excellent finds here and there. I like to cruise the clearance jewelry at places such as Hot Topic or other unique stores. It was at the former that I scored some of my prize pieces. Earrings with cog-wheel dangles. I bought several pairs marked down, took them home and dismantled them. I turned these babies into awesome links. I took filigree bead caps, hammered them flat, then attatched them to the cog-wheel piece with jump rings. Tedious work, but worth the effort. I also made wire beads with the help of a coiling gadget, and that added to the effect. Another of my creations, which I was extremely pleased with, was a faux pocket-watch. I’m still trying to figure out what to put inside the watch case. I thought of hiding a little compass in there, but it has a magnetic closure, so that wouldn’t work. Maybe some kind of wire piece, something to fill the space.

Sigh. I cruise the internet for pictures of the genre, looking at the absolutely awesome fashion, which can’t be mass-produced. It also makes this fashion style rather prohibitively expensive, because they are one-of-a kind works. Hence, the crafters can charge hundreds or even thousands of dollars for their creations. I was drooling over pics taken from a recent convention, sighing with envy over the fabulously crafted outfits and lovingly made accoutrements by the attendees. This is also why I love this genre, for the high degree of artistic quality that goes into these creations. I am an artist by hobby, and I am very devoted to my crafting, whether it’s drawing, painting or jewelry making. Detail and authenticity is critical for people who are involved in this subculture. It is a celebration of the creative mind, which is something I hold in high regard. Part of it also is that I love costumes; I love coming up with ideas for them, I love making them and I love wearing them. That’s my idea of fun; imagination in full swing. My ambition is to get my hands on a pair of Steampunk goggles, though the asking prices I’ve seen are my life’s savings, and I am not a wealthy person at all. It’s very frustrating, and I’ve been contemplating attempting to make a pair on my own. How, I’m not quite sure, but I REALLY want a pair. And a Steampunk corset, with lots of antiqued gold grommets, snaps and buckles. A girl can dream, can’t she?